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Clinic Day 3: Missing P&Os and Baby Time

Today the team was split in two groups, with Megan and Becca going to the ROMP P&O Clinic in Zacapa and the rest of the team going the HIM Nutrition Center/orphanage/senior center.

The PTs started their days learning about the center and the services they provide to the local family's, seniors and children.

We also met a local  PT who sees the people of the community on a regular basis.

Today's patients ranged in age and condition. With ages 0 to 82 years old, CVA, Cerebral Palsy, Total Knee Replacement, amputee, Arthritis, and microcephly.

Jason was able to preform his first BPPV EPLYS maneuver, curing the patients symptoms on the second try, with Nancy overseeing of course. Jason learned this technique this past quarter and he was happy that he could help her. He also met his first adopted grandpa today, helping him deal with his neck and tension headache pain.

Ashley became the official pelvic health PT today, helping the local women deal with SI dysfunction.

Diego finally was able to work with kids today and had a blast doing it. The whole team got a first hand look of the consequences of the zika virus, with two children coming in with microcephly. We got to hear some of Diego's singing skills and baby talk, living up to his reputation as the baby whisperer.

The P&Os had a different day today, getting to meet the great people and staff at the ROMP clinic; a fellow P&O student Luis and Carlos the clinic technician. Carlos was especially awesome, being an amputee with a hip disarticulation secondary to a gunshot wound when he was young. He was one of ROMP first employees and was a great example of the adaption of the human body getting to walk on a new foot today!

Becca and Megan teamed up to cast and fabricate and AFO for a man who was in a car accident causing spasticity and footdrop. They worked together and along side both Luis and Carlos learning their ways and techniques through the process.

In total we saw 15+ patients today, helping them with therapeutic exercise, balance training, myofascial release, AFO/FO fitting, and gait training.

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