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Clinic Day 4: Pato, Pato, Gonzo!!!

Today was a fun day. Today was a little different than normal. Everyday we go to a different clinic, but today we went to a daycare center. We got to play with the kids while the Speech Therapists had a meeting. We played Pato, Pato, Gonzo (duck, duck, goose), soccer and frisbee. Jason was in full sweat before we got to the clinic.

At the clinic we, again, saw all types of patients. Ashley saw her first solo patient today. “She killed it. No joke” says Megan. A sweet and smart 2-year-old girl with Spinal Bifida that needed a new walker. Ashley also had a fun challenge working with an 8-year-old girl with CP.

Jason and Ashley saw 2 really awesome individuals with strokes. Both patients were super sweet and hardworking. They were sweating more than Jason believe it or not. Megan jumped in to help with PT activities. Yay Megan!

Megan really enjoyed tag teaming with Jason and Ashley during an evaluation for a 4-year-girl. The girl was fun, playful and up to do whatever we wanted. Family was very supportive as well.

Becca kept busy all day making adjustment on AFO’s, splints and walkers. She had to be creative throughout. Becca was working hard with a young girl with CP, spending extra time with her to ensure her orthotics were on point.

Diego had a great time with his first patient of the day. He really enjoyed the quality care he was able to provide, learning more about gait with this population, and how to better fit AFOs. She was about 16 years old, diagnosed with CP, and got to spend over an hour with her.

To top the day off the entire GROW crew helped a patient with pool therapy back at the hotel. This patient had multiple severe fractures on both legs from a motor vehicle accident a year ago. She couldn’t bend her right knee and she could only bear a little weight on that side. This was the first time each any of us have experienced pool therapy.

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