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Día 11 – In-service day!


Today, we started our day with individual sessions with 3 students and their parents. The combination of the time that we spent with the students the past week paired with Amilcar’s consultation provided ample insight into what to share with the parents. The parents came prepared with questions and we spent each session addressing how to meet their goals. The work that the parents were doing with their children at home was very valuable and we provided fine-tuning to ensure that their home interventions were appropriate for their motor development. It was a great opportunity to interact with the parents and help them see the connection between their goals and functional activity.

Then, in the afternoon, we presented our in-service presentation to members of the community and the school titled, Solutions for Caring for Your Child and Yourself. Our major topics included: body mechanics, positioning, and adaptive equipment. We chose those themes based off what we observed was needed during school and home visits. Our goal with the presentation was to keep it simple and distill it to specific take-away points that could be easily applied across the lifespan. We had about 30 community members attend the 40-min presentation. The succinct nature of our presentation allowed for about an hour and a half of individual discussion, Q&A, and consultations for potential students. It was rewarding to see professionals, educators, and family members alike come together to learn more and share with each other ways to enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities.

~Sam, Mica, Maddie & Nicole

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