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Día 12 – Last day at Camino Nuevo

¡Buenos Días!

Today was our last day at Camino Nuevo. We spent the morning providing private consultations with three of the children and their families. We showed them what we had been working on with Amilcar and gave them suggestions for exercises and activities they can do at home. The parents were pleased to discuss the progress their children had made and were excited to learn more ways they could intervene.

After our physical therapy session, all of the students we had worked with most gathered into the gym to say farewell. They made all of us thank you posters decorated with glitter, animals, flowers, and our names surrounding a group photo of us along with the staff and children. It was a very emotional goodbye, but we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to provide support to the children, their families, the teachers, and Amilcar. We truly cherished our time at Camino Nuevo and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

~ Mica, Sam, Nicole, & Maddie

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