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Día 2


Today we had the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with Camino Nuevo, Manos Unidas’ primary school. Prior to meeting the wonderful staff & students, we had an orientation that provided us with the full history of Manos Unidas. We were amazed by the journey Celeste & her co-founder, Mercedes, went through to make this possible & available for the families of Cusco. We learned about the three programs that Manos Unidas offers students: Camino Nuevo (the school), an inclusive education program for public schools, & Phawarispa (young adult program).

Today, we went through an active assessment of the resources available to allow us to plan ahead when working with children. We also did a partial assessment of the children during their recess time & observed how we could include more purposeful play while they are at recess. We are excited to work with the children, learn about their goals & family goals, & how we can help.

With the remainder of our afternoon, we went on a comprehensive tour of  Cusco & the surrounding ruins. We enjoyed our dinner at a local restaurant named, La Morena, & picked up delicious chocolate cake & a brownie to enjoy at our homestay.

~Mica, Maddie, Sam, & Nicole

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