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Day 14

Today was marked by saying our goodbyes to everyone in Chidamoyo. In the morning they sang us a song in appreciation of our help over the past two weeks followed by Sam and Nicole speaking on our behalf to thank everyone for making us feel welcomed and for teaching us so much.

Today we completed another Well Baby Clinic out in the community in the villages of Chigede and Zvimhonja. In both villages, we arrived at the common areas to dozens of women with their children waiting in the sun to have their child’s weight, height, and arm girth measured, as well as to get immunizations. Sam and Ellee were responsible for measuring weight, administering Vitamin A, and getting blood pressures while Ben, Brian and Nicole measured height and arm girth. The mothers were also provided with family planning consultation and were provided options for birth control. We worked with well over one hundred children overall in both villages. We could not have ever gone to the villages without Nicole as our driver, who handled the rough and rugged roads with ease.

~The GROW Zimbabwe Team~

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