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Days 12-13

Since we have arrived here, we have been intrigued by a large hill right outside Chidamoyo with a cell phone tower right on top. We could see a dirt trail leading up to the tower and thought that spot could provide some quality views of the surrounding areas of Chidamoyo. When we asked Kathy about this, she mentioned that the pregnant women staying in the “Waiting Mothers” ward liked to hike up it because they believed they would have their babies earlier. She recommended that we invite them to walk with us, so yesterday, with the help of Mr. Miga, we asked them to walk with us and they chuckled in response. So, this morning when we approached the Waiting Mothers’ ward, we were a tad bashful and unsure if they actually wanted to come with us. However, we had more confidence once Lauren, one of our favorite nurse’s aides, mentioned to us that the word around the hospital was that we were going to take the pregnant women for a walk up the hill.

We walked up to the entrance of the ward, gestured that we were going to go walk, and when we turned around there was a whole crowd of pregnant women following us! It was a nice quick, but steep, hike up to the tower and by the time everyone got to the top, there was 34 pregnant women who had joined us!! They did an amazing job going up with a few of the women even running up parts of it! On the way down, some women took the opportunity to even collect firewood and carried a TON down and tried to refuse our help. They are truly amazing and impressive women.

After this hike, we cooled down with some games in the boma, dip in Kathy’s pool, and then a delicious lunch. It was a very hot day, so we took advantage of our free time to take a siesta and do some reading. In the evening, we went for another walk, but this time to a nearby dam. It was a beautiful view with lots of greenery. We then returned back home for dinner and some more games before bed!

Sunday morning was very relaxing and spent eating breakfast and drinking coffee before going to church with Major. Major took us to a church in a village by the name of Jinga. It was a small, intimate church on the top of high brushlands with a magnificent 360 view of surrounding lands. We were told there was low attendance due to the local football match, but it was still full of lots of energy and music! And they then surprised us with the kindest gesture of making the most DELICIOUS meal of sadza, roast chicken, and raab (aka kale)! Again, we are beyond touched with the Zimbabweans’ welcoming spirit and generous hospitality. Major then drove us to the township so we could each grab an ice-cold Coke from the general store—his favorite treat on a hot day!

After church, we had a relaxing mid-afternoon with reading and napping and Elisa, Ellee & Nicole hand-washing their laundry (since we have been with no power all weekend.) By the time we were done with that, it was time for church part 2! This time, we walked up to the hospital for pregnant lady church! Coined pregnant lady church because all of the pregnant women staying in the Waiting Mothers’ ward sing and dance around the flagpole in the center plaza of the hospital. It was another boisterous and jubilant time with great singing and drumming!

Finished off the night with another delicious meal by Kathy and movie night to celebrate the return of our electricity featuring the classic, “Out of Africa.” 😊

~The GROW Zimbabwe Team~

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