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Dia 11

Today was our last day at Camino Nuevo. The rec team had one more chance to practice movement activities with both classes and the repetition was helpful. The teachers have great ideas to engage their students in exercise and our team is confident they will continue to encourage regular exercise for their classes.

Some of us went on a home visit with the principal of the school to offer a young boy with cerebral palsy a place in the school. The team observed the home environment and suggested positional changes for the boy every 30-60 minutes throughout the day. It was hard for us to see the young mother so hesitant to send her son to school, especially since they were being offered a full scholarship. This trip has given us many opportunities to practice patience and respect others’ choices.

Savannah, Olivia, Kiera, and Heidi had one last chance to work with and observe the PT and play with the children one last time. They took photos with the instructors and enjoyed each other’s company.

In the morning we took pictures with the entire school. It was really meaningful to have us all gather and celebrate our time together. Just a few hours later, they presented copies of these pictures in frames along with Peruvian gifts to all of us. They were so generous and made our last day so special. We had some tearful goodbyes with the students but felt accomplished and proud of the work done in the last 2 weeks.

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