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Dia 9 - Hoy Estamos Enfermos :(

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Today unfortunately most of the student group was ill and stayed home to rest. CI Jen's group was totally out of commission so "Mama Jen" stayed home to take care of everyone throughout the day. The remaining three students went with CIs Bridget and Heidi to Camino Nuevo to work on finalizing the projects and working with the students and teachers on implementing the project ideas. We worked on fixing the gate in front of the raised garden beds and creating a space in the garden for the students to play in. We also worked more with the teachers and PT to demonstrate and practice safe body mechanics during transfers, taught a para-educator from another classroom and her student how to perform a stand-pivot transfer, and set up the teaching classroom for the children with more severe physical disabilities to promote a more social environment. This included small changes like placing multiple chairs at the same table so students can actively engage in activities with each other and lowering the height of the attendance board to the students' height. The day ended early with a simple, quiet dinner so everyone could rest up for the parent presentations at the school scheduled for the following day.

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