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P&Os have made it to Guatemala!

Last night late we arrived in the beautiful country of Guatemala! After a 4 hour flight from Seattle to Houston, a 4 hour break in Houston, and another 2 hours in the air we landed Guatemala City. Customs went smoothly and our transportation awaited us at the airport! A late night of traveling from Guatemala City had us up into the wee morning hours.

This morning we traveled to Lake Atitlan! The shuttle ride to the lake was bumpy and long (4 hours and 6 stops!), but so worth the travel! The street were narrow and winding at times. The locals used honking to warn each other of oncoming traffic. Today we share a few photos from yesterday and a few photos of our adventures in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala today.

We had lunch at a local restaurant called Nick's Place, known for their fresh fish right from the lake! We had fried plantains ,grilled chicken/fish, guacamole, and fresh squeezed limeade for less than $15 (a steal compared to the US). After lunch we went horseback riding through San Pedro. Our horses were named Príeta y Chocolaté. Our guide, Lucas, showed us cofee bean plants and informed us that the coffee season is coming to an end. We got an excellent view of the volcano San Pedro and Indian's Nose, two local hiking excursions. Our hotel in San Pedro la Laguna was a whopping $16 for this incredible view, hammocks included! We spent the evening appreciating our view and walking around the street market. Tomorrow will be an early morning to meet the rest of our group in Guatemala City and long evening in transit to Zacapa.

So far, Guatemala is amazing and we are looking forward to getting to work!

Working on blog from our phones this below...more to come from today!

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