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Team Reunited, and it feels so...

Sleepless: Our PT students took the redeye, leaving at Seattle at 10:30 pm yesterday and arrived in Guatemala City at noon. We made it one piece with only one minor goose egg. Our P&O's caught a 4 AM shuttle back to Antigua, then another to the airport.

Sticky: The weather here is hot with a high of 93 degrees today. There were 18 of us crammed into a bus for 5 hours, with just one short bathroom break. We rode with the windows down, which made for a very dusty ride! But don't worry, there was plenty of sweat and sunblock to catch the dust! Locals hustle through traffic selling fresh fruit, nuts, and beverages through car windows. We got really good at say "no gracias" in unison,  which made the locals laugh.

Spectacular: Towards the end of our bus ride we caught a beautiful sunset, with mountains backed by pink and orange skies! Our hotel (more like a resort!) is equally as beautiful and exceeded all of our expectations. The staff here does not speak english, so we are lucky to have Diego to help us find extra towels and do laundry. Dinner was wonderful, with buffet style chicken, rice, black beans, salad, and the world's best acorn squash!

The rest of our group, Speech Language Pathology students, seem great. We are looking forward to sleep tonight and hitting the ground running tomorrow. We are excited to go to Guastatoya, a CADEP rehab center, first thing in the morning. We will learn what that means tomorrow!

Sidenote: We are having issues with the computer we brought which is making it difficult to share pictures. We will post pictures on Facebook along with a link to the blog posts each day! Stay tuned...tomorrow the work begins!

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