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Dia 4 - Implementado nuestros proyectos

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

We are starting to find our rhythm here in Cusco and at Camino Nuevo. Today each team continued to fine tune our projects. Each team has been working in the motor room adapting the space to fit different activities. We have created obstacle courses, spaces for floor exercises, gait training, and practicing transitional movements. Heidi's team practiced two person transfers focusing on body mechanics to reduce caregiver injuries. Jennifer's team learned how to provide joint compression for proprioceptive feedback, which is especially helpful for the students with autism. Bridget's team continued to make improvements to the preschool classroom space, which will help the students focus better.

Every Thursday, Enrique comes to Camino Nuevo to teach movement and physical education. The activities are similar to those he teaches at Phawarispa. This gives the students a much needed chance for movement. Enrique's work closely matches some of the goals we have as rehab specialists. Our hope is to leave the teachers at Camino Nuevo with lesson plans and ideas for movement that will improve the students overall health which in turn will improve their ability to focus and learn. We will continue to improve our ideas and next week we will present them to the heads of the school, the parents and family.

Tomorrow, we leave for Machu Picchu! Friday we will visit Aguas Calientes and Saturday we will hike Machu Picchu. On Sunday, Celeste has invited us to visit Pisaq, the town where she lives. This means we will mostly be away from wifi and will not be able to blog until Monday. We have a busy week ahead of us after a busy and exciting weekend, but we can't wait to share our experiences.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!

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